What is Food Design?

Food Design is a multidisciplinary field that strives to innovate, influence, or questionthe ways in which humans connect with Food.

Food Designers around the globe are exploring the relationship betweendesign and food through their unique perspectives.

About me

I owe my passion for food to my childhood and upbringing. Growing up in south India where food is the centerpiece to everyday activity, celebration, or a holiday, my memories about food also include the spaces involved. I still remember my grandmother’s kitchen and garden where most of my childhood encounters with food and flavors occurred. Every time I recall memories of taste, I also recall the smell of damp earth, the feeling of gravel under my feet and the lush green algae on garden walls. My memories with food have always been related to spaces, even before I became an architect.

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My passion is working with FOOD and DESIGN every day, in order to bring to reality a better and just world.