Architecture to Food

“Architecture to food. How did that happen?” is the most frequent question I get. There comes a point in every man’s life when he steps into his career when he is confused about the path ahead for his career. I reached this point in 2017, immediately after I graduated from Architecture school.

After a year of experimentation, I landed on the webpage of “Masters in Food Design and Innovation” from Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milan. Even though it was an accident, the decision to go forward and get into the Master’s course seemed Ideal. I had always dreamt of working with Design and Food together. But what seemed like a distant dream, came into reality as I got into the Masters.

My journey through this Master’s course has been an extremely enriching experience through interactions and workshops with some of the leading food designers from around the world. But the best thing about the course were my fellow colleagues.

Moving to Europe was the scariest decision I made in my life. New country, new people, new culture. I still remember my first day walking into a class filled with 16 women and 2 guys. I couldn’t be more intimidated.

We were 18 students coming from across 12 different nationalities, 4 different continents, and 8 different backgrounds. But we soon realized that this diversity was our strength. We appreciated each other’s diversity and learned from it. All the group projects we did together helped us learn the perspectives from different cultural backgrounds and technicalities from different professional backgrounds.

But there was something that tied us all together. Our passion for food. Our lunch breaks were a learning space for us, trying each other’s food, exchanging recipes, and learning more about food. We pushed each other to do better, to be ambitious, to pursue our goals, and helped each other in the process. During the Masters, I also had the opportunity to travel around Europe and learn more about the different food cultures and backgrounds.

I know this group of brightest young women is definitely going to change this world. I have learned so much from them and I have changed so much in the process. This is where our journey for food began.